Reviews for "TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1"


That was the most arousing erotic story ever!

nice work

pretty good i liked the end :)

Seems a little lacking, but great concept.

The artwork is pretty good, but relatively simple. It could possibly go for a bit more color and completion, IMO. One other thing I thought could improve was that there seems to be only one "correct" choice every time - you simply lose in a different way based on your choice. I'd like to see maybe a few more profitable outcomes, perhaps, rather than only one good ending. It's still good, though. Great job!

Nicd job

it was good u should make more

That was great.

I loved those books growing up too. I think that it was an excellent choice for a game. I liked the variety of how things can work out. I really hope to see another one soon.