Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"


I will obviosly give this collab a 10 because I was in it...
The song fit so well with the animtions that it looked almost like we knew what the song was going to be when we made them :D.
By the way it's ASDF not ASOF pls fix that :(
I didn't expect the fbf animations to be good but they were realy good!
This collab was cool pls tell me when you make the next one!

ZombieLincoln responds:

That will be fixed, apologies about that. I'll let you know when the next one starts.

Glad you liked the music =D

That was splendid!

i liked it! I am such an openminded person when in comes to flashes...i wish i could make a flash like u peeps...but my drawing skills r like a 4 year olds so ya...gj in u'r future flashes!

almost perfect

i liked it, some were nice, some shitty, some were excellent

shitty -

asof (wtf? horrible animation and graphics)
smash_johansson (are you serious, why is this on here)

okay -

mypuddle (it was alright, nothing new)
lilmario (decent, but nothing happening really)
xxcanadianxx (okay i guess, didnt understand it)
mdawg44 (didnt understand, it looked good though)

excellent -

-snare- (i really liked it)
zombie lincoln - (very creative)
blitzlock (very funny)
jumperboi (the best one, my favorite)

if i forgot anybody, i'm sorry, good flash though


ZombieLincoln responds:

I like that you can see the difference in all the animator's ability, and still give a very high score.

The variety of styles is the most interesting part of this collab, in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to comment on most of the animations. =D

as per to the last viewer.....

this WAS a pointles flash, but it was a GOOD pointless flash, and i liked it, so suck my balls,Mesmericfiend. ha ha cho cho ha!

ZombieLincoln responds:

That's the way opinions are meant to be used! Awesome, thallid, awesome.

Bucket o' fun

I loved them all so much.
The animation tied together so well.