Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"

simpley marvelous

this oozes with qualityeverything looked and sounded good

ZombieLincoln responds:

Thank you sir, glad you approve. We aim to please!

my soul left my body and tried to enter mycomputer

wow.wow!WOW! this was an astounding collab, ESPECIALLY because it was 24 hours. only 24? wow kickass. thank you.

ZombieLincoln responds:

You're welcome! I'm amazed at what was done in 24 hours, too.

That's was great!

I loved the music you put in on mine.. //BlitzLock!

ZombieLincoln responds:

Glad it worked out for you, man. Now DANCE.


PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE come back =D I have MSN in my profile and I need you for summer collab because we had all the ideas and I missed you too damn much, you have to join!!!

ZombieLincoln responds:


Come on AIM immediately!!! (ZombieLincoln)
Or MSN!!! (ZombieLincoln@hotmail.com)

Also <3

oso polar

i likes mypuddle