Reviews for "Make Obesity History"


that is by far the _______ game i have ever played. If you press tab then enter repeatedly it is easier.

FLiXD responds:

_________ you!!!


That is one of the funniest games i have seen in a while. O and can you tell me where you got that song? . That is a great song!

FLiXD responds:

I founded it on the internet, YA RLY wierd al - I'm FAT

you do make friends with salad.

every few seconds, a fat person gets stuck in a phonebooth.

help stamp out obesity.

no but seriously, good game. i liked it. i even signed the petition. lol

well done.


FLiXD responds:


Raise. Awareness.

Woohoo, this game is one of those games that is entertaining and has a hidden depth. fat people aren't [always] funny.

Anyway, great game and thanks for making it ;)

FLiXD responds:

for [always], read [not]

Man wtf?

No seriously dude... OK FINE i understand the cause and all... BUT .....i duno how to put this...ummm... this suck's

I am not a fat dude and i do most certanly not make fun of phat girls or boyz.I have a fat friend !