Reviews for "Make Obesity History"

Nice Nice

Nice ending man. also nice way to tell fat people to stop eating so much (thats the violent part)

FLiXD responds:

My walrus ran away. I hope you're willing to help me find him!

Almost as good as Overrun II...

...it's this game made by someone else. It's really cool.


FLiXD responds:

Pies are bad.

((( HEH )))

Well, this was a good idea to try to help fix obesity, but it was a little odd how you set up the game, but it was a bit funny. The animations were nice, and had some ok humor to them. The music in the background was the best, and really funny. The gameplay was ok, but it was a bit slow, maybe next time you could speed it up, but it was fun to play...


FLiXD responds:

There's a sprout in your bathwater.

Funny Joke. Hardly a game.

Graphics: *shudder...*

Style: Great fun until I realized that there was no possible way to lose. I guess I could beat my own score if I really wanted to, but the game wasn't that interesting the first time through.

Sound: Hey, I LIKE Weird Al. You got a problem with that?

Violence: none

Interactivity: clinging on stuff works. Some of the targets are a little tough to click, but there's plenty more where they came from.

Humor: Website was the funniest part. THIS IS NOT AJOKE! Yes it is, who do you think you're kidding? LOLs.

Overall: Say, you've got some moderate skill, there. Next time, try making a game.

FLiXD responds:

I bet you like to wear pink shirts


Oh noes! They are all blonde and fat! Help them!

FLiXD responds:

Syrupy haddock.