Reviews for "Make Obesity History"


i really don't see the point in this game plus its so dam hard to aim and click with the fruit because the pointer at the tip of it.

yes i am a little fat but even i dont find this funny.

Man wtf?

No seriously dude... OK FINE i understand the cause and all... BUT .....i duno how to put this...ummm... this suck's

I am not a fat dude and i do most certanly not make fun of phat girls or boyz.I have a fat friend !

you shoulda got the real video for that song

and that fat girl with the bikini bad idea try harder next time


This is possibly the worst game i have ever plyed on newgrounds. All this show is that you are heartless and dont care about othr peoples feelings.


weird al yangovic fat.... iv eard it but when iv seen it
good work whit the fart sound hahahahahaa