Reviews for "Make Obesity History"

Disgusting, but has a point

I think this game gives a point across to people to start to loss weight and eat healthy. I go to the gym everyday to keep thin and healthy. Were did you ge the music, what song is that?
I give "Make Obesity History" a 7/10

FLiXD responds:

Weird Al Yankovich - I'm Fat

It was alright.

I got pretty tired after playing that game. It was kind of weird. I wonder how would you lose? I didn't press anything at one point and I moved on to the next level. It would be funny if every 10 or 20 things that you click, you hear an orgasm voice from a fat lady or a "Fuck me!"

FLiXD responds:

It's not a serious game submission


original game but it makes disqusting sounds when u feeed them

FLiXD responds:



thats freaken funny dude, awesome. hahahaha, u shoul;d have some diferent kkinds fo fat dudes, like flying fat woman, and like fat animals and stuff. u know, and fat people walking along the ground. hahahahahahahaha

FLiXD responds:


pretty cool

improve the grapics and this would be an awsome game

FLiXD responds:

hyuh FISH