Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


there were no weapon upgrades, and around one point it begins to become impossible. the only time I lost a life, is when they spawned from under me...not bad tho

woulda been better

i mean they spawn right under you thats really the main problem make it so u can upgrade how meany lives u can get

It kinda sucks...

...but I've played much worse games on here.

Like every kill-everything-like game

This isnt bad but this isnt the -BEST- massacre game i ever played... The graphic are kinda sucky and there should be more move or more weapon.

Thing you should correct or add:
-Make a "Jump" command
-Remove the freezing after shooting a grenade
-More weapons
-Maybe some kind of lvl you have walk trough the zombies to get to the end
-More upgrade like...1 more life for X score, add more def, add speed, buy weapons.

Good game at all! Keep doing good work dude

Good for a few tries.

Graphics were nice, very ermm omg ive forgotten the name of that game!!!! metal slug i think. The sound was abit repetetive, but alright overall. nice bit of gore. Could have had better upgrades, not just upgrade gun and buy more 'nades and health. overall a pretty good game to make time pass :-)