Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Pretty nice

It's a pretty good game, but it gets pretty boring after awhile.

You know, this can be a pretty awesome sidescroller if you so choose.

Pretty good, but improve.

I thought it was fun, but I'd improve it a bit.... Make it run more like the Metal Slug arcade games and you've got a great game.

the idea was ok i guess, but the game sucked

It was just so repetitive and took absolutely no skill because all it is, is turn shoot repeat. If you made it more like a metal slug game/resident evil, it would be better( an adventure/action game )
Also, dont make the enemies take so long to die, its just gay.


fun and repetetive but the game was fun but i really wish it had more gameplay aspexs the sound and graphics were great but it just the same thing over and over but it was a good idea to take the metal slug character marco and add zombies. just next time add more variety

Good game but one problem

The Zombies sometimes spawn from UNDER you, this made me lose a couple of lives so I died to level 4 ='(