Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

holy $***

that was hard after i got past the message wow u made this far
or something like that

cool game

but needs a better story line than just "kill zombies a bunch of zombies and then the level changes" it needs something more, like cutscenes mixed with the game and the zombies would just spawn from the ground which was different plus they would sometimes spawn on my location and i would die instantly, the health went down too fast aswell, but other than that, nice work


good game. but it is just like a lot of others. need more originality

Frusterating as hell

Why the hell did ypu make the zombies appear RIGHT beside you. I was attacking a group of them and all of a sudden one of em comes up right beside me and kills me. Other than that this game kicked ass. But if you make another....mke sure you make the zombies appear a little ways away from you.

I like it amazing concept and I Like the metal slug sprite awesome but the spawn point issue
and the fact you can't run by enemies makes it lack luster fun shooter though :D