Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Good concept, sort of

I really don't like how the zombies spawn on top of you sometimes. Combine this with only 3 hit points, and it gets annoying very quickly. Essentially, this game is about luck and not skill.

I dig the Metal Slug theme. I also dig the quality and style of the animations within this theme.

Good work

I had no sound, so as far as that went I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

But for the most part it was easy to see that a lot of care and consideration went into the game, and for as far as I could play I didn't encounter any bugs.

If I had to choose something to gripe about, it would be how slowly the game progresses; maybe throw in a little more diversity in gameplay sooner.
For the most part, I wouldn't know if there was much more the game had to offer, seeing as I only got to the third wave and never discovered any new enemies. It was a bit on the difficult side, which seemed your intention, but with 26 levels it couldn't hurt to tone it down a bit; maybe make the gun do more damage.

I did like how incredibly polished it was, complete with the disclaimer. Overall an excellent standard for today's submissions.
Stephen R George

pretty cool

pretty decent, i got to the level after where it called me 'truely skilled'
even though i doubt thats true...

Wow! Kickass game

this game is very well done keep up the good work

Nice game

It was quite fun to play and i enjoyed it lots but The sounds got annoying. It was also a little boring with the same limitations with the weapon. A really great thing to do would be make another weapon or two then it would Make it more fun to carry on playing. either way i liked the graphics and different bad guys