Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

I liked it.

Slaughtering zombies like that has always been a hobby of mine, especially when gory intestines are involved. My score was 9400 I believe ... whatever. Anyway, good game, you have some good spriting skills.

pretty cool

pretty decent, i got to the level after where it called me 'truely skilled'
even though i doubt thats true...

it was very fun, but...

damn, it was hard i got only to 4800 score, lol, i hope u'll put an update that adds me HP and maby it would be easy (but not too easy) and better!!!
but it was still a fun game, so i give it a 5!!!

Really pretty good.

This is very good. If there was more areas and some more bosses and scripted events and stuff, it could be good. But I'm sory but i have to say you are the worst example of making a code where the enemies dont pop up next to you. That's what hindered my giving it a 10. The horrible respawning of enemies. But other than that its awesome. :)

A Resident Evil pitch to it, eh?

I can tell this is a rip off of Resident evil, how often do most games start off having zombies involved? Not to be rude. in fact I LOVE Resident Evil!! Its not bad at all. Not only that i notice its a rip off. (...or atleast i'm believed that it is.) The music in this game ...IS FROM RESIDENT EVIL 2! /\_/\ i can tell.

Nashkel responds:

Okay, good for you... I don't really give a damn.