Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

it was ok

it was good but you shold work mroe on the heath system

Overall Good, some dislikes

I like the game, so I'll preface with that. Yet there is that continual "however", so here goes.

I would like to be able to hold down space and just push left or right to change the direction I'm shooting in.

I also don't like that zombies will come up directly beneath me and there is no chance to evade them, so I get hurt regardless. Perhaps it would help if the ground showed a short animation of them digging their way out first to give me a warning to move my butt over.

Great fun though. :)

Nashkel responds:

Err... actually it does show that the zombies are digging themselves up. And they can't hurt you when they spawn so you have time to move.

Sweet game

I actually made it to just after the level where you get the message "Wow! You've made it this far!". My final score: 66400.
As for the save option suggested... forget about it. This game is entirely about the random chances of survival and the player's ability to play tactically. It ruins the entire experience to have a "save game" option. Though, I would like a chance to face off against every enemy you've created for the game.... It'd be troublesome to do, but a difficulty option for the game wouldn't be a bad idea to look into for the next iteration (or next game).

Great, except for one thing.

Really liked it. The only bad thing was that sometimes the zombies would pop up from right under you just as you had fired a shotgun blast, allowing it a cheap hit. Maybe allow your main weapon to go a notch more powerful, too. I reached the limit after only a few levels.
Good job, though.


This game was cool... But, it gets pretty frustrating when a zombie spawns under your feet, forces you to run away into another zombie, and kills you... :-(