Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

great game

this was a really fun and well put together game. i loved the sound so much, and the graphics weren't too bad. i had a few minor problems with it which is why it's not a perfect score! here they are: i was sort of expecting a side scroller that would let you move through different levels, not just back and forth in the same background. also, it took a long time to kill the zombies with your gun, and i know that's what you intended, but it became unfun really fast when you couldnt' kill the zombies fast enough. there should probably also be a jump button! other than that, great game, keep up the good work!


needs to be easier!!!!!!!!!And I saw that nobody gave u a zero or said that it should be blamed.Great job dude.Please add a jump button though!!!!!!

The best zombie game online period.

Nice game with very gruesome sprites.
The game itself is pretty basic and straightfoward yet
highly addictive... Is there even an end to the madness?!

3000 points

i agree with the others the spawing under you thing is annoying
but overall its good

not bad

really the only problem i have is when either the level starts and i spawn in the middle of a zombie (so i pretty much start the level with 2 hearts left) or when a zombie spawns on my and i instantly lose a heart. other then that it was fun