Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


requires luck to win, that's all....I hate gambling, Doesn't matter if I could kill things in 1 shot, the matter is things could come up from under me in groups of 4 I run to the side of them all, grenade, then there's some more that spawn under me and I'm dead.

Gambling is not my style, and I don't like to take random challenges into a game.

Very enjoyable...

Simple and satisfying, a good play. I think being able to move and shoot at the same time would be a welcome change however.

Zombie games are definitely the best.


Awesome but it would be better if it was more expansive, otherwise it's awesome


this was really good. pretty scary with the sound on though. i love the resident evil 2 intro


That was fuckin awesome. There's nothing I love more than gunning down hordes of flesh hungry zombies.