Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Totally awesome!

I love this game! It's true it IS addictive!!

perfect game

im going to add this to my favorites. great game. to be honest it was scary

awsomly sick

RE wit metal slug is sick man awsome game

Am I the only one to have beat this?

Awesome game I must say. I spent though, about 4 hours one night and beat this game. Well, I guess I beat it. What happened is I was playing and playing and was really far and had all this stuff maxed out then I just got to a never-ending level. Was this the end or a glitch? I was fighting some mad enemies, like scientists and stuff... So do I get a prize for being like the only one to have "beat" this?


pretty good i survived for about 5 or 6 levels and benx112 thare are different zombies you just gotta get to higher levels. but anyway good awsome game but you could add different guns