Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


If they respawn underneath you, you don't have much of a chance. Change it =D

My opinion

Hmm you should make it so the zombies dont continously take down your hearts likea 5 second invulnerabliity ......litte flashy thing like in other games .... cause once there on top of you your dead no matter what

Pretty cool.

Kept me entertained for a few minutes.. Then I died.
I think you should either rename the grenades to shotgun blasts or add actual grenades, since that got me a bit confused. Also you should make it so the player is invulnerable for a few seconds after losing health. I lost all my health and died when a soldier spawned right under me.
Could use other ways to avoid the zombies too. Other than that it was pretty cool.

Great game

i just had to keep playing over and over i couldnt stop. the grenade reload was to slow as hey_dude said. but other than that it was addicting good job


Nice Game! I loved when the zombies said "Brainnnnnns"! Keep up the good work!