Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

score was 8300

This was a very very fun game to play, I don't know why it didn't get the fromt page! The only complaint I have is YOU CAN'T JUMP. And if you wanted to make not jumping an option, you should have gave us weapon selections so that instead of jumping when your swarmed by zombies, you could just switch to your shotgun and blow one side away so that you can back up and shoot the hell out of the other side. But maybe the lack of jumping was what made the game feel more urgent. But if you ever DO decide to remake this with all upgrades, you'll be able to add bosses that last longer than 8 seconds. Think about it man!


11700 score.. great game

it was very fun, but...

damn, it was hard i got only to 4800 score, lol, i hope u'll put an update that adds me HP and maby it would be easy (but not too easy) and better!!!
but it was still a fun game, so i give it a 5!!!


Awesome but it would be better if it was more expansive, otherwise it's awesome


good game. but it is just like a lot of others. need more originality