Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

What the hell?

i was playing the second level and 2 of the zombies popped out of me and i died what the hell fix this game please!

I like it, but I have some complaints...

1) No Jumping is a little strange. Even if you don't have a point and click interface for the weapon, a lack of jumping is a little frusturating.
2) Crouch? You can't even shoot and crouch at the same time. I don't get it.
3) The boss, or whatever you'd call that thing that lasted 5 seconds was pretty weak. Although I compliment the change of style.
4) Everyone has said it, but...when zombies pop up right next to you while you are being cornered (you can be cornered in 2D...), you lose or react with wild grenade fire and running.
5) For some reason I couldn't buy the last upgrade to my attack strength, the price was 5000 or something and it just said full power when I clicked on it.
6) Is there supposed to be a delay after using the grenade launcher? This is just a question not really a complaint, because it might be too easy if you didn't have a delay.

Despite my list of concerns, which I tried to be nice about. This game has a lot of potential for growth and betterment. I do like the simplicty of having one weapon, but I am pulled at the thought of having more variety. I would like to repeat that I liked it, but I should re-emphasize that it can be improved upon.

Wow! Kickass game

this game is very well done keep up the good work

Really pretty good.

This is very good. If there was more areas and some more bosses and scripted events and stuff, it could be good. But I'm sory but i have to say you are the worst example of making a code where the enemies dont pop up next to you. That's what hindered my giving it a 10. The horrible respawning of enemies. But other than that its awesome. :)

Frusterating as hell

Why the hell did ypu make the zombies appear RIGHT beside you. I was attacking a group of them and all of a sudden one of em comes up right beside me and kills me. Other than that this game kicked ass. But if you make another....mke sure you make the zombies appear a little ways away from you.