Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Overall Good, some dislikes

I like the game, so I'll preface with that. Yet there is that continual "however", so here goes.

I would like to be able to hold down space and just push left or right to change the direction I'm shooting in.

I also don't like that zombies will come up directly beneath me and there is no chance to evade them, so I get hurt regardless. Perhaps it would help if the ground showed a short animation of them digging their way out first to give me a warning to move my butt over.

Great fun though. :)

Nashkel responds:

Err... actually it does show that the zombies are digging themselves up. And they can't hurt you when they spawn so you have time to move.

sweet one

cool game, a lot of fun and with some super action in this one.
glad to see this one win an award too.

Why did u jack the sounds?

all the groaning the zombies did was from Diablo 2,WTF


You see people are smart all u need is a simple idea to get a great piece of work like this

Sound:Cool mmmm brain!!! lol

Make more good games please

Fairly awesome.

I really enjoyed playing this. Normally, I hate sprtie movies with such a hatred that babies burst into flame by a mere glance. I think you should expand it (More characters, power-ups, Storymode, ect.) Good luck if you do.