Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


i love this game and i finally beat it after about 25 tries thats awsome make more!!!!

yay metal slug!

yay this is the best game that i have seen yay i love it my favorite arcade game on the computer i love mteal slug!!!

This game just plain rocks

I love playing this game. I've gotten so far as facing the mummies before dying. The only thing wrong with it is that there's a glitch that sometimes causes you to spawn running in place when starting over, and makes it so you can't move or shoot.

join forces?

ive got good ideas but i cant flash and i want to join forces cause this is the best game ive played ever.

Zombie Massacre

So many complaints about the fact that when you just start to play it, a zombie might just come up right where you're standing. I find that to be something less important. If i were them, i would run out of the way. Zombies cant hurt you while they rise. I would suggest that you give an arsenal of weapons instead of just your ATT. And, a health bar. 3 hearts is apocalyptic. Im usually frustrated about the fact that when a zombie comes up from beneath you, you run out of the way but another zombie comes up and then you run out of the way again and the ANOTHER zombie comes and you get killed. Fix that. Make it rare that EVER would a zombie come out from under you. It makes our reviewers disappointed (as hell). Lets go over the goods and bads.

Graphics: There was no flaw in the animation sprite and the characters move the same and reacts to the gunfire the same as the game. This makes it very easy to play and control. Plus the explosions are pretty. Blood effects are awesome. No bads. 8/10

Style: Another one of those "play till you die" games but easily enjoyable. It kinda reminds me of the Mooninite Marauders game on The adult swim website. I personaly like "play to the death" games. But, quite repetive and sometimes it can get stuck in your head when you sleep. 9/10

Sound: Great like the graphics, easily remembered and great use of the resident evil song. This might be awkward but im afraid to turn out the lights and turn up the volume. The resident evil song is creepy as hell. 8/10

Violence: not so bad, not so good but has the same quality as the original game. Not so violent but adults may think otherwise. 7/10

Humor: The "Braaaaains" said by the zombies are so funny an easily enjoyable and plus how the zombies grunt before they die. Also how your head falls off when you die and how the variety of ways the zombies die can make you feel good and laugh if you have JUST played the game. 8/10

I give you, an 8 out of 10. And, a handsome 4, out of 5. Enjoyable but repetive. Can be used as a stress reliever.