Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Like every kill-everything-like game

This isnt bad but this isnt the -BEST- massacre game i ever played... The graphic are kinda sucky and there should be more move or more weapon.

Thing you should correct or add:
-Make a "Jump" command
-Remove the freezing after shooting a grenade
-More weapons
-Maybe some kind of lvl you have walk trough the zombies to get to the end
-More upgrade like...1 more life for X score, add more def, add speed, buy weapons.

Good game at all! Keep doing good work dude


A freakin nice zombie game. Liked it a whole lot, only thing is, kinda impossible to beat, but o well. The farthest I have gotten is about 2 levels after the leve that spawns only mummies, with a score above 51k. Any way, keep up the good work!

Cool!Like Metal Slug meets Resident Evil!

Yeah this game was good,the only flaw in my opinion was that you can't jump.But maybe that would've made the game too easy...I gave you an 8 in humor coz the zombie sounds were funny:p



This is very addictive! Very fun and good work. Wish I could have upgraded the att. power though. Still fun!

bad asss

this is the best game so far