Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


needs to be easier!!!!!!!!!And I saw that nobody gave u a zero or said that it should be blamed.Great job dude.Please add a jump button though!!!!!!

Holy Crap

Dude, i made it to level 14, but why did u add a mummy as a zombie to kill you on level 12? Well, i made it to the part where it said "Zombie Massacre!" pretty hard though


this was really good. pretty scary with the sound on though. i love the resident evil 2 intro

holy $***

that was hard after i got past the message wow u made this far
or something like that

Sweet game

I actually made it to just after the level where you get the message "Wow! You've made it this far!". My final score: 66400.
As for the save option suggested... forget about it. This game is entirely about the random chances of survival and the player's ability to play tactically. It ruins the entire experience to have a "save game" option. Though, I would like a chance to face off against every enemy you've created for the game.... It'd be troublesome to do, but a difficulty option for the game wouldn't be a bad idea to look into for the next iteration (or next game).