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Reviews for "The Seizure Collab"


This is by far the greatest idea for a LL collab ever. If there's a sequel, let me know about it! You know how good I am at drawing ;)


FryLock responds:

Hooray for Super Ten! And, I'll let you know if there were a sequel.

Very Nice 1!

It´s Freaky eye ball! G00d J0b!(Lock's ownds!)

FryLock responds:

Yes, we ownds.


Best Collab Idea EVER

FryLock responds:

EVER EVER, or just EVER?

Ok it was very good but....

PPL CAN GET A SEIZURE OF THAT!!!! u should make a warning..... well yeah i dont think the LL - the seizure collab is doing the trick...

but i loved it!!!!!

FryLock responds:

If the word "Seizure" is in the title of a submission, what should you expect from that movie?


A good use of graphics and sounds, but some of the lock ppl need to realiaze that there is a line between being "random" with the content of their submission and being "stupid" with the weird crap that they put on for a collab.

Example one: the person with the mask = stupid, pointless.

Example two: The flashing circles = good use of graphics, relates to the title of the movie = ramdom (random also meaning good.)

FryLock responds:

Ok. We'll learn from this.