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Reviews for "The Seizure Collab"


man i love these things
graphics-seizurey goodnes, but locks are a tad boring
style-good stylez,but sort of j00bie-ish
sound-good choices BvvbVBVvbvBBvvbvbVb
interactivity-play butten, th@s all


holy SHIT!!!!!!!!! omfg that hurts! lol it was cool


no seizure no headache NOTHING

No seizure.. massve ass headache thol

the italian lock one gave me a huge ass headache!!

Poker chip lock said nipples

that we <3 u thing did give me a seizure so i give this thing a 10+ in violence but the rest didn't so i gave you a low overall and i'll give seizure collab a good one if it gives me a seizure