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Reviews for "Firelight Through Diamonds"

Very nice

This is nice and upbeat, but ethereal piece of work here. I like the contrast of the orchestra with a subdued but very tasteful beat. And the transitions are perfect. You've created quite a gem here. I'd expect to hear this on, maybe, the end of a game sorta like a Devil May Cry or something to that effect. Whatever, it's brilliant. Love it.

This reminds me

This reminds me of Riverdance. Those parts in between the big dance numbers, they'd have a Small-Pipes or Flute solo with background instrumentation. Meanwhile there might be a single dancer or something in the background. THis sounds like it could be the part of a new production.

You have a gift

well, before i say anything, this falls under jazz more than classical IMO.
I gottta concur with Rig in the fact that this does sound computer made, but, who are we trying to fool these days, i mean, they are now using lasers to do spinal surgery. IMO, this track is special in the sense that it is very unique compared to what we see these days in the audio portal. I really enjoyed the woodwinds. On the negative side, the beat was nice but a tiddy bit too generic. Overall, you deserve your Disney contract thingy u got goin.
If u dont mind, I would like you to review some of my recent songs or any of your choice so as to receive advice from someone of your expertise.
-DJ Chilvan

:D Superb

Excellent composition. Love it. :D

One day you've got to go through your music creation process in detail for us n00bies. :P

I like it man.

OK if PeterSatera gave it a 10 then that means its good! Great job on this piece, very relaxing in my opinion and the chorus is great. I do agree, the mastering could've been better but its well enough for people to listen.