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Reviews for "Firelight Through Diamonds"

Pretty nice.

You certainly have a gift for music, but the samples bring this song down. It SOUNDS like it was made on a computer, mostly because the reverb and/or long release time on everything make the flute and strings sound washed out, blending all together, no definition. The flute doesn't take a break, when does it breathe? It's all one continuous line. Silence can be a great punctuation sometimes.

The drum loop was also washy and without variety. Put some punch into your snares, give more power to the kick.

The quiet part from 2:55 onward was, well, boring. The volume stayed the same throughout, no breaks from the flute. The strings played the same thing over and over; I think what would've worked there would be having the strings play a descending chord progression from a few octaves up to the octave it plays in now (over the duration of the whole section), so that the song feels like it's going somewhere. It would lend more power to that section for sure.

My favourite part was at 4:26, when the horns come in, though I think you could've had them at a higher octave as well.

The chord at 4:19 made me wince.

Please turn it up a bit. I had my system cranked up high.

I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything...I just think this song could be a lot better. :P

nathanallenpinard responds:

True, it's an older piece, using probably 8 year old orchestral samples.

Also regarding the volume. There's that thing called dynamics, though the mastering probably could've been better.


I had to change pants at 4:02... I wish it were considered sane to download the same song multiple times in the course of 30 seconds out of pure want. Hell I even love the title this peice dawns. I definately stamp "Agree" on ZOMGBIE's comment of perfect transitions. That ending climax was like watching a man with no legs sprint across a tight rope, it just doesn't happen, but when you see it you can't look away. I owe you awe, my strange new idol.

Very nice

This is nice and upbeat, but ethereal piece of work here. I like the contrast of the orchestra with a subdued but very tasteful beat. And the transitions are perfect. You've created quite a gem here. I'd expect to hear this on, maybe, the end of a game sorta like a Devil May Cry or something to that effect. Whatever, it's brilliant. Love it.