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Reviews for ""lights out""


Ill be honest who ever was singin is crap but the flash was supurb make more


I liked it, Not only was it a good song, But the graphics wherent bad either. cheers.

nice dude

the drawing was good, you put alot of work into details like rip in jeans, rat on the dudes shirt, facial hai, etc. the song was good and the synching of the song was great!

Awesome flash!

Ther's not that much to this one, it's also pretty short.It definately makes up in personality, so that must raise the score.Also, the characters look like little cute toys, more than grunge rockers, which is great.No one wants to see LONG hair on people.

Very nice. Fiver for you!

I like it, the replay screen is a neat twist. I may have to steal you idea on the hair (the red single spike thingy) for my little movies. I voted you a fiver, good job bro!