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Reviews for ""lights out""

Awesome flash!

Ther's not that much to this one, it's also pretty short.It definately makes up in personality, so that must raise the score.Also, the characters look like little cute toys, more than grunge rockers, which is great.No one wants to see LONG hair on people.


I usually don't like music videos, but you made an origional flash out of a music video. All I got to say is if your reading this and you haven't watched this movie yet then go watch it now & you'll see what I mean.


the-meedows responds:

thanks a lot, this is very nice


Liked it all really, but I really liked that the guitar players hands went well with the music.

Liked the replay screen and the way it came about too.

Keep it up, Peace.

it was ok

never seen something like it before


Ill be honest who ever was singin is crap but the flash was supurb make more