Reviews for "Super Mario RPG: Winter Forest"

This is what im playing at the anime X-mas party!

Ok, you can dress up this tune how ever you like buddy, it gets instant 10's and 5's anyway you make it. im not saying its bad here, i just want CHANGE =P. weird that coming from a purist. i want someone to play that game with out listing to the geno's forest music then make a tune on what he thinks should go there. too bad most people have played that game already.

This is sweet it would be awesome in the game.

sound awesome keep it up.

frost maze

i can already hear this music playing at the forest maze durring winter time. not to mention that the echoes make the original sound more magical and mystical.

bottom line: great song

It's interesting

But you make some mistakes and some of your chords don't work. The echo creates discord harshly in some places. But overall I think that the idea is sick.
I think the simple backbeat is quirky, how it is noticeable but then blends back in, it's really simple and funny. Not a bad thing, but some people might not dig it.
Just be careful of those bad notes. They create bad chords, creating bad sound. you kept it to a minimum though.


I can totally see the forest maze with white trees and snow falling with this music in the background. Excellent.