Reviews for "Nick and Anthony"


Awesome work hunterkiller

the keg is pleased :P

Suggestion - On the start when it comes up nick and anthony, put the characters below the names so we know whos who.

MAaaaaaake mooooooore

I REALLY laughed out loud!

That was the funniest thing i saw on newgrounds up to now!
It's one of the few flashes that build one joke to a climax (no pun intended) and not have a sequence of half-funny situations that are somehow put into a loose context.
Graphics were okay, sound got better during the thing, overall it's a straight 10 because it was really, really, roflmao-style funny.


HAHAHA that was so f**king funny

Holey Fuc'n $hit!



briliant,purly brilliant

i loved the npds towards the shows and movies at the begging and it was a realy good ending as well
i look forward to your next movie,keep up the good good work(its good ;)