Reviews for "Mug Hug"

This is an inspiration

Excellent flow of story telling and fluid animations. I love this cartoon.

I was really confused

I remembered watching this like years ago, and even my girlfriend remembered it and was like "haven't you seen this before?"

Maybe this won the treasure hunt or something? If so this is definately the case, if I had realized this had so little views I would have recommended it myself. Great movie! It's too bad you haven't produced anything else, although maybe this new attention will motivate you to return.

lol loved it

that was awesome, and i cried a little when the coffe mug said that coffee is all he knows how to give.

it was great

it sucks that it took 4 years for this to get frontpage though lol, but great animation anyways, the story was funny, voice acting was pretty good... one of my favorite animations on newgrounds... good job


The guy looks like a combination of Simon's Cat and Little Critter. Why the hell did I realize that?