Reviews for "Mug Hug"


This movie it's so awesome!
Keep it uP! ;)


it was so cute at the end. pretty nice animation. The mug itself was just really really cute and i liked it =D

this is an eh....

not really what i expected but the only truly hilarious part is when he held up the sign saying: Will contain hot liquids for free.
u think WHAT KIND OF HOT LIQUIDS BESIDES COFFEE? pee, for example xD

Really liked it

I didn't know where you were headed with it... because this is newgrounds, but I thing you did a fantastic job making a cohesive story. Beginning, middle, end, and a brilliant ending at that. I also liked how you centered on "coffee mug's" story instead of Donny. You don't even learn about Donny's problem, not a even a hint and I'm perfectly OK with that. I'm trying to come up with some kind of constructive criticism, but I don't have anything to say. Awesome job, you definitely know how to tell a story and you know how to tell it well. Also of note, I liked some of the items in the scenery, such as the Death cereal and for whatever reason I really liked the use of the dog coming in and uplifting coffee mug's spirits. I immediately became attached to coffee mug when he went riding off on the dog because coffee mug is happy once if you give him a purpose, doesn't matter who or what is giving him a purpose, he is happy. I thought coffee mug was going to realize what an all time low he was at when a dog was drinking out of him, but you turned that around and put a very well delivered spin on it. Good work.