Reviews for "Mug Hug"

Great video

This video was really well done, and let me be first straight man to say this about your video...It was fucking adorable. xD Love just how the coffee mug goes and finds his purpose in life like that, it was great. Keep up the good work. ^_^

I Will Hug Your Mug!

This is my first time watching your flash and I find it very witty and touching at the same time! I laughed so hard I cried...literally!!


REALLY TOUCHING, You have a bright future in making drama in the future, i was really touched by this submission, when you are not wanted you find someone else or in this case something else, and just go where ever the road takes you, really touching reminds me of how life can change in an instance


While I don't understand why this is back on the frontpage, I can hardly complain. it's still as epic as ever


Why did I cry at the end though? ;__;