Reviews for "Mug Hug"


You did it perfectly.
The style is one of the best flash styles I have ever seen.
Keep up the good work.

kindda depressing

I really liked this one your animation style RULES!


That dude is a Cock! HAHA I meanhe's so lame. He coulda just drrank the f ing coffee. Oh well. The Mug is happier with the dog anyhow.


I really like this cartoon because it was funny, the animation was very smooth and unique, and the music flowed with the flash perfectly. I really like the Donny character. Was he a porcupine? Anyway, I will return to the music part. I enjoy all the "old-timey movie" sounds you included in this piece, it created an image in my head throughout the movie. Keep up the great work!


I've never seen a better movie about cups.