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Reviews for "Fading Secrets - F-777"


i luv it! this is one of my my most favorite classical with a touch of modern ness..

If only it was longer...

Wow, I love the deep notes of the piano and the 1:12 when the deep drum kicks in, that's really great... then 1:38 is another "smexy" moment when the hihat adds in :3 I only wish it went on for longer than 2:40 xD

Ah.. The legendary F-777

All of your songs totally blow me away man. But Before Mydnite was the best

Long time no talk my friend

Yo F-777. I haven't spoke to you in a minute mayne.And it looks like you still doing your thing. Imma try to get on msn again.. I deleted trillion cuz it was acting weird. You gotta msg me your screenname again. And yo.. One quick question.. Can I make a hit on this beat right here.. for some reason.. I hear hip hop in this song. So I shall rip!


As Simba would say: "Slimy, yet satisfying."

The intro windy sounds sounded almost cooling to me, then when the strings entered, I instantly thought: "Oh, another masterpiece."
I was correct! It's calming, soft, but yet also very strong and inspiring. Well done!

I like the drum track used, it sets the mood.