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Reviews for "Fading Secrets - F-777"

Epic! :D

I love this kind of stuff and I'm surpised that were able to do it, and so well, since this isn't your usual kind of thing. It's great, only thing I want, is to hear more of it. XD
Anyway, well done. And thanks for uploading. :)


I have been waiting SOOOO damn long for this! This is freakin sick! Especially the mastering that reall gives the strings that feeling!! and how you add the delay to the hits to give that atmospheric feeling!! I NEED MORE THEN 2MINS AND 40SECS!!!
but just with this 2mins and 40secs i could ON and ON and ON about how awesome everything is!

(P.S. I'm sucka for the strings and the guitar)


I've been trying to compose an orchestra arrangement that is kinda danceable, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. This song gave me a good idea of how to shape a song like this!

This is excellent!

Love this song man its amazing!

Another style, but the same skill.

Quote: "im kinda unsure about giving this one away for free" ........ but you could not resist to gain our commendations, eh? ;-)

This one shows, that you are not only limited to outstanding dance songs.
Simply a great composition - even if it's not really my favourite genre.
Keep it going, man!