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Reviews for "Fading Secrets - F-777"

Pretty Cool:

Sounds kinda like electronica, except with mainly classical instumentation. Kinda reminds me of ES Posthumus in that sense: a blend of instruments not fitting one genre.

Other than that, very good song: maybe more along this style? Your choice.

classical definately isn't your style bro

this was a good song, don't get me wrong, i liked it a lot. it's just that there was to much of a techno infuence for a 10/10 a a classical piece. you see i'm a purist when it comes to classical pieces. tone down the techno sounds, and you'll be flyin high. i'd like to see another try on a classical piece by you.


This definitely is a great song. It has so many feelings to it. This is so awesome I Can't think of anything wrong


Amazing work man, keep up the great music.

Alot of feelings!

Alot of hardwork went into this, really really really hope everything goes well for you buddy!