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Reviews for "Fading Secrets - F-777"

MORE !!!!


Out of This World

Hmm this song reminded me of medieval realms somehow...anyways, Fading Secrets is very much well-rounded--even the title. A misty, relaxing intro, ambitious progression, and a general surge before landing in. Yet, personally as a huge fan of satisfying endings, I thought that the ending could give us just a little more instead of a blank dim so that such an enjoyable song could be more complete. ^^

Despite that, however, your awesome music-making talent & creativity is undeniable. Keep up the good work Jesse! =D


I know how hard it was for me to make a song it was cool ( not really). and hard!

another hit

man i love so many of your songs its unreal. anyways, great balance and blend and i especially applaud your efforts considering you are mainly a dance upbeat type. but don't worry your efforts were dam good this time 'round, and don't worry about those naysayers. judging music is a largely subjective activity and i watch marching band competitions and DCI so when two judges have you on opposite sides of the spectrum normally it means you did something new. congrata freakn lations man i love it regardless.

simply said

your just as good at this genra as any other.

in other words.. amazing.

5/5 10/10

(im SO gona try for that CD cover btw)