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Reviews for "Fading Secrets - F-777"


You and Kr1s should make music to put onto your thing because this is just you and it is awesome but if Kr1z chipped in with a bit then the whole operation would be genius!!! Love you man!

Epic Win!!!

Wow... I love this piece, it sounds like it should belong to a movie or something. It just feels so huge and epic. Please make more!
You and Reasoner should team up and make something like this. It would be incredible.


this is like some shit u hear at the end of a anime as the hero is walking off and the people he saves are waving to him saying goodbye and comeback!


Wow!!! I loved it =)

The epic orchestral background linked with the clear, rain-drop techno notes were an amazine combination!! And the violin! Amazing! My absolute favourite kind of techno music!! =)

Thankyou so much man, my only gripe is it should be longer!!


You've got true feeling, my friend!
Congratulations and I hope you do more music like this!