Reviews for "The Mad Cow"

oh my god

What is this? I'm confused. Is this a flash cartoon on the front page that actually has good graphics, humor, and originality? This can't be.

Absolutely hilarious. I don't care that all cows are female, it's too funny to care.

And for that comment a few below me... what audiences would be offended by this?

Painfully good!

I laughed so hard, I now have a stomach ache! It was just so hilarious! I strongly recommend this to any user on newgrounds. I can't really explain it any further, you just have to watch it for yourself. Be prepared to pass out though.


that was freakin hilarious man! I laughed so hard when he goes "so uh um ", and the other cow just kinda roars at em. good work here, a litle short, but funny none the less.


nearly pissed my self laughing


first time i have LAUGHED OUT LOUD about a flash IN A LONG TIME. HILARIOUS. i cant stop laughing, holy shit.

WTF in a good way is right!