Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

That was the most pathetic thing ive ever seen.

I started reading some of the previous review before i watched it, some good, some bad. Then i found one that was something like 'i felt like throwing up on myself' and 'i couldnt bare to finish watching that'. and i completly agree. At first, i thought the visuals were good, then i noticed they ran like you juct took their legs and flailed em in any possible direction, and that master cheif's battle rifle (i cant even say master chief without thinking about this and help feeling sad for him) was absolutly gigantic. THIS is why kids under 18 SHOULDNT play halo! because their sense of humour consists of poopoo jokes, and trying to make a new internet fad before anyone knows it, so everyone hates it.


sorry dude, but this reeked
shitty animation, bad voice acting
dude, just, no dude

I did not like it...

...the voices were stupid the plot line was dumb and shall I go on? I hated the graphics and it was so stupid that everyone kept on saying home run. The ending was dumb!!! Plus the arbitor has a split lip but in this movie he had like six lips!!! This movie was dumb.


Why did they keep on saying homerun that movie sucked and the chief and arbiter are allys on halo3 and the voice quality sucked and y did half way through the movie the chief kept on calling the arbiter the orbiter...

no..not again

that was fruity