Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

bad....very bad

so i guess now all the characters have become redneck? like jeeeezzzz man i cant understand a word that they're sayin and the graphics suck....and so does this flash

(insert string of profanity here)

Saying that this sucks would be an insult to all of the animations that suck. The animation itself is abominable, there is not even a pretense at a storyline, and the voice-acting is so mind-blowingly bad that I am honestly convinced that you all sat down and decided to make the most annoying Flash animation of all time. Furthermore, I'm not even a Halo fanboy, but there were gaping flaws in the animation that even I was able to see where it is painfully obvious that you know absolutely nothing about the Halo universe. Are you retarded? Why would you center a Flash on something you know NOTHING about?! Why would you even submit this Flash for the public to view? Do you not have the slightest trace of dignity? If you have any friends, do NOT let them see this; they will never speak to you again out of shame of affiliation.

Quick summary time:
Graphics: You should pay people for watching this. F.
Style: Thankfully, I don't see many submissions like this. D-.
Sound: Annoying, repetitive, cliche, juvenile. F.
Violence: Not even applicable here, in a Flash about HALO. F-.
Interactivity: The most fun part was clicking the little red X. A+
Humor: If you found any of this funny, do yourself a favor: hang yourself. F---------

wasted my time

you got the worst things like:
the WORST story line
the WORST dubling
the WORST animation(but it isnt poor its just very weird)
and of courese this is the WORST halo flash EVER
get better or i will f*cking blame YOU!!!!!!!!


stop saying homerun!!!!!!!!!>X(

i don't want to be mean

ok the movie sucked but it was ok