Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"


I didn't even know what was going on most of the time. Was there any story u were telling at all, and why did they say homerun all the time? What was with the kids? It's obvious they were playing the game, but what part, was it the story the ...i rant for awhile...overall just make it clearer what the heck you're saying. Plus practice makes perfect.


Amazeing... Truely amazeing. Good job guys! I dident know the level of suck on something could reach that level. I mean... my mind was really blown away by the crappyness of this movie.. Please... do the world a favor... NEVER make something like that again. I feal like i haft to shoot the next person that says "home run" in the face now.... Do not defile the grandness that is Halo with this kinda garbage.

i agrea

i agrea i wasent able to iether as soon as i saw the dude n the chair
i cicked out


i watched 20 seconds of it and almost puked


It was so boring that I fell into sleep