Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

Not good

The animation sucked monkey balls, and the whole "homerun" thing wasn't even fun. And the sound was so full crap that it could be peed on a baby elephant...please put more effort to your works so they can be even worth to watch. I hate that kind of slow animation, it is boring as hell! Please, please put more effort to your flash works before you submit them...this is total crap.

Dude.........you are a noob to Halo.....

Dude this is a load of crap. You spelled Arbiter wrong to, you graphics sucked, and the plot made no sense. If Halo 3 was like that I would smash every disk I could get my hands on. I'm gonna go and buy 2 months of xbox live, so I can kill you for making such a crappy flash about the best game ever.

it was bad

you are lucky im giving you 2 stars!it wasnt good at all

whoa that sucked

dude man i mean no just just no that was the most terrible flash of halo i have ever seen in all my news of Newgrounds reviewing and i been on newgrounds since like its 1st year of opening WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE HOMERUN that Pissed me off 2 a fudgeing great extent i only cracked a tiny smile when the wizards came
Watch out for the wizards was the only slightly funny part of this terrible Flash other wise i would give u 0 starts
in short a misarible 1 out of 10

i sort of agree with maticus

the video did suck and next time you make a video CUT THE WORD HOMERUN ITS ANNOYING and practice on your animation even though i could never do better.