Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

Ha ha

I am a big fan of your work...
Funyn stuff, I just think Kippy and Spike could have been left out...
Ha ha, keep up the good work.


WTF is with the Homerun


it was an alright flash it was kinda funny also a bit weird lol the wizards anyway why r they sayin home run alot? r they all baseball fans or sumthin?

lol that was...

that was actually half way funny, I'm not going to lie, the kids were kinda lame, but the homerun thing was pretty funny, love the wizards


Well, not bad. could be better.
1. elites only have 4 flappy things.
2. WTF was with the home run thing?
3. you used it too much.

Animation wasnt bad at all, and most of the humor was just stupid humor.
like i sad, could be better.