Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"


this was bad kinda w/ the voices erm.. and the lack of violence!
but if you take those out of this world and throw them in to
the cygni star it was a perfect move!
btw... dont look up that star under google... its my star I WILL OWN IT ONE DAY!!!!!

Grab My Energy Sword

Simply the best Homerun halo parody i've seen except for the second one. Please keep making them, Homerun.

Totally Hella Fucking Balls to the Wall AWESOME

Best Halo flash, ever.


That was so funny, ever since i first saw this ive been saying homerun to just about everything, homerun.
it was so funny, but there was only one problem, the part with the 2 kids where they just sit and talk is a bit boring i think i would have left that out, but besides that it was hilarious homerun.


This was awsome homerun