Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"


im srry to say this but that was just retarded and i dontcare wat anyone else thinks cause it was just weird and messed up and i couldnt get into it at all so dude plz make it so it makes a little more sense into the halo series cause it was just random and were they playing baseball and kept yelling homerun cause they kept hitting them or wat cause i didnt get y they kept saying that lol


lol home run !!!

homerun lol

"uh oh we're gonna have to jump homerun!"
"we'll finish this fight homerun!"
lol that was funny homerun but why do they say homerun homerun

lol homerun!

Why do they keep saying that homerun i like this homerun

HAHA homerun

That was hillarious homerun i laffed my ass off homerun it was so funny homerun keep up the good work homerun