Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

The spaceship council says TWO THUMBS UP!

I shoulda watched this one first since the next one has much better graphics. Even with the lesser graphics it still has the your same style of humor though. I hope to see more Halo movies soon. Although, if I hear them say 'homerun' again I may laugh my kidneys out my backside.

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Home Run

Not bad could be funnier though

HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don;t you dare listen to those idiots and there insults to the home run, it's the best. i agree the details were wrong, but hey, maybe that's the point

Has little to do with Halo, but who cares.

I can't stop watching this thing, homerun. I love random comedy like this... homerun.


That was Aweome Homerun. And i seriously hate little kids on xbox live like that homerun