Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

god will it!!!

make the next one with master chief doing 38 round house kicks and arbiter sandwhich saying i got dis place ninjurai and i'll forever be a devout to you and create a landmark in your name somewhere where i deploy if not there then in my home town and speak of great things about you like your ability to warp the atoms of a watermelon and turn it into a delicious watermelon flavored sandwhich!! please make a nother video!!

Always a treat

I found this flash humorous when i first found it a few years back, and I still find it funny.

I've played all the games, I own and have read all the halo books, and this flash and the 2nd one always bring a smile to my face.

And I love the constant whining of Halo fans who just don't get it, crying about the animation style, voices, and home run.

If you truly love something, you gotta be able to laugh at it, and Halo is pretty broken at times. Why shouldn't a flash of halo appear broken.

Thanks again for the laughs yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

home run!!!!!1

home run........home run...... home run..............WHAT THE FUCK??!!!!


hey anyone no what is lol

didnt understand any shit...

but made me LUL